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Our Mission

We believe that through tragedy, beautiful opportunities unfold. We believe in honoring Addie and Baylor by bringing love, help, and laughter into the community. In doing so, we want to encourage children’s imagination through access to literature. The Addie & Baylor Kirchgessner Foundation's mission is to enrich children's lives through the power of reading and stories.   

Addie & Baylor: The names behind our mission

Addie loved school and Baylor loved firetrucks. They both loved swimming and the beach. Matt, their father, called them Bear and Buddy. Whenever family was around, Addie K. and Baylor Boo were lovingly used.


6-year-old Addie was in the first grade at Notre Dame Academy. She was a loving little girl who entertained her family with stories and shows. Addie loved reading and her stuffed animals.



4-year-old Baylor was in preschool at St. Lawrence Catholic Church. He was a sweet, spunky boy who loved to dig holes, play with trucks, and help Pop in the garden.

On December 4, 2020, we were winding down a wonderful family vacation at the beach, playing a round of miniature golf. When Addie hit a hole in, little brother Baylor couldn't understand what the big deal was, after all he got a six and "Six is bigger than one!", he proclaimed.

Not long after that precious moment, a car struck and killed our children. Though our family has been changed forever, we choose to channel that love and energy in a new direction.

Though short, their lives are making a difference. The Addie & Baylor Kirchgessner Foundation has put 26 thousand books into the hands of young readers, built a school library and playgound, and is teaching children life skills through the game of golf.

Luna, an emotional support dog, also roams the halls of their former schools spreading her own special version of love and kindness. Addie and Baylor continue to be a presence in our lives, the lives of those who love them, and in the community where we love.

Every day we encouraged our children love, help, and laugh. Help us keep their bright lights shining.

We can't wait to Love, Help, and Laugh with you!

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